3 Ways Intraoral Cameras May Be Used During Your Dental Exam

Technology has its place in pretty much all types of medical care, but technology is just as important in the dental care field. Intraoral cameras are a good example. These advanced cameras are very small and may be used during a checkup or during treatment as an assistive technology to the dentist’s work.

1. The dentist may use the camera to get a closer look at a problematic spot.

Even though a dentist is specifically trained to know what they are looking at when they see an issue on a tooth or in your mouth, it can be hard to get close enough to get a good visual look at an issue. Intraoral cameras are small devices that easily fit inside the mouth and can be pointedly placed or aimed at a certain area so the dentist can get an up-close look and make a proper diagnosis.

2. The dentist may use the camera to show you certain attributes of your teeth.

The dentist can tell you what problems with your teeth are, but it is so much better if they can actually show you the problems so you can get a look. The intraoral camera can be connected to an external monitor so you can see exactly what the dentist is looking at when they mention an issue. For example, if you have an area of decay in between two teeth where you can’t see, the intraoral camera can be used to show you what the decay looks like and where it is located.

3. The dentist may use the camera to perform certain dental treatments.

Intraoral cameras may also be used during specific dental treatments. For instance, a camera may be held in place while a dentist does a small filling in a damaged tooth so they have a more precise look at the issue and what needs to be done to correct it.

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