Oh No! A Knocked-Out Tooth? Follow These Steps

No one ever expects to sustain a knocked-out tooth, but this could be deemed as one of the more common dental emergencies in Charleston, WV. Knowing what to do if one of your teeth is knocked out of pits socket can mean the difference in if the tooth can be saved. Take a look at the […]

5 Easy Ways to Care For Your Dental Implants

So you’ve just got your first dental implant. Congratulations! Dental implants are as close as you can get to natural teeth. They’re dependable, functional, and attractive. If you take care of your dental implant, it should last for a long time. Caring for an implant is similar to caring for natural teeth, with just a […]

Dentures Versus Implants What Should I Do?

Do you want to remove all your teeth but don’t know what your options are? If so, you are not alone. That’s why we are going to discuss your options here. Should you opt for dentures or get dental implants? Here’s what you need to know. Dentures Aren’t Permanent, But They Are Affordable Dentures are […]

10 Tips for Reducing the Symptoms of TMJ

If temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) is recognized early on, individuals can find relief with some at-home remedies. 1. Start Eating a Soft Diet Implement a soft food diet and stick with it for about a week. Foods included in this diet are soups, scrambled eggs, applesauce, mashed potatoes, well-cooked vegetables, pancakes, breads, yogurt, cottage cheese, […]

Dental Bridges – Common Patient Concerns and Guidance from the Dentist

If you have a missing tooth or a few missing teeth, a number of cosmetic treatments may be viable solutions to restore your smile. One such treatment option is a bridge. Bridges are prosthetic teeth meant to fill gaps in the smile where teeth should be, and the bridge itself is usually anchored by crowns […]

Tips to Comfort Your Teething Baby

Even babies whose teeth have not yet come in can be susceptible to gum and teeth problems. But when teething does start, you’ll need to be ready. Your Charleston, West Virginia dentist wants you to know that there are safe ways to comfort your teething baby. The crying and discomfort of teething can be eased […]

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

If you’ve been going to your dentist in Charleston on a regular basis, you know that x-rays are frequently part of your visit. X-rays help your Charleston dentist to detect and diagnose dental health problems. They also factor in what kinds of treatment your dentist can provide. However, health-conscious people often ask, are dental X-rays […]

Easy Ways to Keep Gums Healthy

Your Charleston dentist wants you to know that oral health can be achieved with consistent habits and proper, routine dental care. The foundation to healthy teeth and a beautiful smile is healthy gums. Here are the easiest ways to keep gums healthy for a lifetime. Floss Regularly Every time you eat, tiny bits of food […]

Treatments For Swollen Gums

An important part of your oral health, swollen gums can make life miserable. Sensitive and painful, they are prone to bleeding when you are brushing or flossing, creating even more problems. Caused most often by such things as gingivitis, malnutrition, infections caused by such problems as tooth decay or herpes, and even pregnancy, it is […]

Why Do I Have a Toothache? Underlying Toothache Causes

A toothache is an oral symptom that may seem common. You can even purchase over-the-counter solutions to ease the pain and go on with your day. But that doesn’t mean it’s something you should ignore and think everything’s fine with your oral health. A toothache can have various underlying causes, and it’s important to figure […]