4 Reasons Why You Deserve Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just for movie stars and “special people.” It’s available for everyone, and everyone deserves it, including you. Your dentist in Charleston, West Virginia can assist with a range of cosmetic dental treatments that will have your smile in the best shape of your life.

1. It Often Doesn’t Take Much to Improve Your Appearance

Patients are frequently amazed with how much cosmetic dentistry can improve their look. You wouldn’t think that bonding a chipped tooth would result in such a dramatic change, but we’ve seen it happen time and time again at our practice. Simply having teeth whitening in Charleston, WV may make you appear years younger.

2. Beautiful Smiles Mean Healthier Teeth

Although cosmetic dentistry is largely concerned with appearances, it does have an influence on your overall dental health.

Many dental treatments that you might choose for aesthetic reasons also have practical advantages. A dental crown not only improves your smile’s look, but it also supports a weak tooth. In many cases, once you have cosmetic dentistry, you may find that your teeth are simpler to brush and floss, making them healthier in the long-term.

Even treatments with no practical advantages, such as tooth whitening, can enhance oral health because once you’ve invested, you’re more likely to keep your results by practicing excellent dental hygiene practices.

3. Beautiful Smiles Boost Confidence

There’s no denying that self-assurance is a useful tool for achieving success. If you are self-conscious about your looks, it will be obvious to others. Your teeth should not be a barrier to your success, especially when there are abundant solutions available.

4. No One Should Have to Live With Missing Teeth

Whether due to injury, disease, or lack of care, having one or more missing teeth isn’t a reason to live the remainder of your life with an unsightly gap in your smile. Prosthetics and implants have taken a major step, technologically. The treatments can be completed swiftly and efficiently, allowing you to begin enjoying the smile you deserve.

Don’t delay. Contact your dentist in Charleston to find out which cosmetic treatments might be available to you. You deserve to live your best life, and cosmetic dentistry can help to get you there!

Everything You Need to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you have questions about an upcoming cosmetic dentistry procedure? If so, here’s a list of our most frequently asked questions and their answers.

What Are Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are any form of treatment that improves the aesthetic appearance of your mouth. For example, crowns and bridges can replace broken or misshaped teeth, dentures and implants can provide a brand-new smile, and teeth whitening can brighten and lighten stained teeth. These procedures are intended to improve your self-esteem and help you feel more comfortable with your smile.

Will My Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Hurt?

While you might experience slight discomfort during the procedure, Dr. Tupta will do everything he can to minimize these sensations. He uses various kinds of anesthetic to numb your mouth so you won’t feel pain during the procedure.

Who Can Benefit From Cosmetic Dentistry?

Anyone who is unhappy with their smile can benefit from cosmetic dentistry. In particular, it’s a great choice for patients with broken or chipped teeth, missing teeth, and yellowing or graying teeth. At your initial appointment, Dr. Tupta will talk with you about your concerns and devise a personalized treatment plan to help improve these deficiencies. Usually, the only patients who don’t qualify for a cosmetic procedure are those with poor oral hygiene or active infection in the mouth.

Will My Insurance Cover a Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure?

Unfortunately, because most cosmetic dentistry procedures are not medically necessary, health insurances often don’t provide full coverage. However, if you have a separate dental policy, you may receive at least partial coverage for your procedures. To know for sure, contact your insurance companies to ask about your coverage.

Does Cosmetic Dentistry Have Health Benefits?

The benefits of cosmetic dentistry go far beyond just improving your smile. Chewing and speaking may be easier, and you may also be able to preserve density in the jaw if you’ve lost teeth. You may also have a decreased chance of infection because bacteria will have less room to grow once empty spaces have been replaced by crowns or bridges.