4 Reasons Why You Deserve Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just for movie stars and “special people.” It’s available for everyone, and everyone deserves it, including you. Your dentist in Charleston, West Virginia can assist with a range of cosmetic dental treatments that will have your smile in the best shape of your life.

1. It Often Doesn’t Take Much to Improve Your Appearance

Patients are frequently amazed with how much cosmetic dentistry can improve their look. You wouldn’t think that bonding a chipped tooth would result in such a dramatic change, but we’ve seen it happen time and time again at our practice. Simply having teeth whitening in Charleston, WV may make you appear years younger.

2. Beautiful Smiles Mean Healthier Teeth

Although cosmetic dentistry is largely concerned with appearances, it does have an influence on your overall dental health.

Many dental treatments that you might choose for aesthetic reasons also have practical advantages. A dental crown not only improves your smile’s look, but it also supports a weak tooth. In many cases, once you have cosmetic dentistry, you may find that your teeth are simpler to brush and floss, making them healthier in the long-term.

Even treatments with no practical advantages, such as tooth whitening, can enhance oral health because once you’ve invested, you’re more likely to keep your results by practicing excellent dental hygiene practices.

3. Beautiful Smiles Boost Confidence

There’s no denying that self-assurance is a useful tool for achieving success. If you are self-conscious about your looks, it will be obvious to others. Your teeth should not be a barrier to your success, especially when there are abundant solutions available.

4. No One Should Have to Live With Missing Teeth

Whether due to injury, disease, or lack of care, having one or more missing teeth isn’t a reason to live the remainder of your life with an unsightly gap in your smile. Prosthetics and implants have taken a major step, technologically. The treatments can be completed swiftly and efficiently, allowing you to begin enjoying the smile you deserve.

Don’t delay. Contact your dentist in Charleston to find out which cosmetic treatments might be available to you. You deserve to live your best life, and cosmetic dentistry can help to get you there!

teeth whitening

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Professional Teeth Whitening

If you are dissatisfied with the color of your teeth, you can have them professionally whitened to improve your smile. Your dentist can provide this helpful service upon request, though it is not covered by insurance. To help you decide if this procedure is right for you, read through this FAQ to learn all you need to know about professional teeth whitening services.

How bright will my teeth look after whitening?

Although the brightest white might seem tempting, it does not suit everyone. You need to consider many different factors to find a shade that flatters you. You will work with your dentist to find the optimize tooth whitening shade for your perfect smile. Professional teeth whitening can often lighten your enamel by up to eight shades. Your dentist will show you all the possibilities and you can select from them to perfect your beautiful smile.

Will whitening my teeth hurt or make them sensitive?

Having your teeth professionally whitened should never cause any pain or discomfort. If you note any problems, let your dentist know right away.

Over-the-counter tooth whitening kits have the potential to make your teeth much more sensitive, but it is much less likely with professional whitening services. Your dentist will take the necessary steps to ensure your enamel does not incur any damage during the whitening process. There is always a risk of increased sensitivity, however, as is the case with all teeth whitening products.

How long does it take to fully whiten my teeth?

To keep the risk of sensitivity to a minimum, dentists usually take up to four weeks to complete the professional teeth whitening process. By gradually removing stains and whitening the teeth, it is possible to achieve the desired results without side effects. You can expect to spend at least one hour in the office once a week throughout this process.

Do I need to have the teeth whitening process repeated?

Although effectively, professional teeth whitening does not provide permanent results. You must take proper care of your teeth and avoid stain-causing substances to get the most out of the improvements to your smile. Even then, you may need to have the process repeated from time to time to retain your dazzling smile.

When can I come in for teeth whitening?

You can schedule an appointment for professional teeth whitening services at your earliest convenience. Just give us a call at 304-744-4150 to schedule your visit with your trusted dental care professionals.

Professional Teeth Whitening FAQ

Although brushing and flossing are vital to maintaining your oral health, good dental hygiene cannot prevent everything; for example, stains can develop on the teeth even if you brush and floss as recommended. These stains frequently occur when dark-colored foods and certain kinds of drinks are consumed. However, these stains can usually be addressed quickly and effectively with professional teeth-whitening treatments.

5 FAQ About Professional Teeth Whitening

1. Does Professional Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Other than some tooth sensitivity during the procedure, professional teeth whitening is essentially painless.

2. Will a Professional Teeth-Whitening Procedure Damage My Enamel?

People frequently experience sensitivity during their whitening treatment, which has led to concerns related to whether teeth bleaching damages tooth enamel. The enamel is not damaged during the teeth-whitening process, and as soon as the procedure is over, this tooth sensitivity ends.

3. Is There a Possibility That the Stains on My Teeth Will Not Respond to Whitening?

Natural stains are the most common type that develops. These kinds of stains form on the surface of the teeth, which means they can be addressed with professional teeth whitening. On the other hand, if the stains are internal, another type of treatment will be required: Potential treatments for internal staining include porcelain veneers or bonding.

4. Can I Have Professional Whitening Treatments Even Though I have a Dental Prosthesis?

Dental prostheses like crowns, bridges, and veneers will not respond to teeth-whitening products the way that your natural teeth will. However, your natural teeth can be whitened to match your dental prosthesis, or if you would like your teeth to be whiter than your prosthesis, your natural teeth can be whitened and then a prosthesis can be created to match your new tooth color and shade.

5. How Long Do the Results Last?

The results achieved with professional teeth whitening can last for several years.

At the office of Michael J. Tupta, DDS, Inc., we provide professional teeth-whitening services to individuals residing in and around Charleston, West Virginia.  If you are interested in learning more about how Dr. Tupta can help you obtain the smile you have always wanted, contact the office today by calling 304-744-4150 or click here to fill out our online form.