Having multiple missing teeth can affect your appearance and your ability to do everyday tasks, such as chewing or biting food. You might also have trouble with speaking clearly, especially if you have several teeth missing. Whether you have missing teeth due to illness, injuries or dental issues, dentures offer a convenient way to replace them. Find out more about the kinds of benefits that dentures provide you with.

Improved Functionality

When you have a full set of dentures in your mouth, you don’t have to worry about having difficulty eating. Dentures allow you to chew or bite into food, so you won’t miss out on being able to enjoy your favorite foods. You’ll also be able to speak clearly, making it easier for you to talk to people.

Healthier Smile

Having several missing teeth has a noticeable impact on your appearance. Your face can end up sagging in areas where you don’t have teeth, since your jawbone undergoes changes. This can make you look much older, which can affect your self-esteem. Having dentures in your mouth helps prevent this sagging appearance, providing you with a healthier smile and more confidence in the way you look.


You don’t have to wear your dentures all the time. While you should wear them often enough to prevent jawbone deterioration, you can easily take them out whenever you need to. Being able to remove them makes it easy to ensure that they are clean, which can help lower your risk of dental problems. If your dentures get uncomfortable, you can also take them out. However, make sure that you see your dentist to have them adjusted for a better fit.

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