If you are concerned about pain or discomfort when visiting the dentist in Charleston, West Virginia, you have come to the right place. At the dental office of Michael J. Tupta, DDS, Inc., we offer Waterlase. This gentle approach to dental cleaning is ideal for patients of all ages. Consider how you can improve the dental care and oral health of your entire family with Waterlase by Dr. Tupta and our staff.

What is Waterlase

Waterlase is a dental laser used to treat oral tissue safely and effectively without surgery or drugs. This medical technique uses hydrokinetic technology to perform dental treatments. The type of dental care that we provide using this safe medical device includes dental cleaning. We can remove dental decay effectively and gently using Waterlase.

Why Choose Waterlase

The types of patients that we recommend Waterlase are those interested in gentle, surgery-free dental procedures. We use Waterlase for pregnant women who are avoiding dental surgery or x-ray technology. In addition, Waterlase is safe for children thanks to no needle and no drill. Kids are less likely to be afraid of Waterlase treatments for dental decay compared to traditional dental methods.

Patients who use Waterlase are also able to avoid anesthesia prior to dental treatments. This is ideal for individuals who are concerned or allergic to anesthesia. Other benefits of Waterlase include no heat or vibration during the treatment. For individuals who are sensitive or easily irritated by heat or friction on the teeth or gums, this is a welcomed relief.

Select Waterlase in Charleston, WV Today

To get started with Waterlase for your dental care, contact our dentist in Charleston, WV. Call our office at 304-744-4150 to schedule an appointment. We also offer routine dental cleaning, intraoral camera technology, and endodontic therapy for root canals.