Waterlase Dental Treatment: Patient FAQs

Waterlase is a dental laser treatment tool that makes it possible to perform regular dental treatments without the need for shots or major discomfort. Commonly used on children and even pregnant women, this treatment has numerous advantages, including less discomfort for the patient. Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions regarding Waterlase dental treatment.

What exactly is Waterlase dentistry?

Waterlase dentistry is an innovate treatment method that involves the use of a laser that is combined with both water and air to perform certain types of treatments. lasers have been used in other medical procedures for many years, but they have only started showing up in the dental practice field in the last few years. Waterlase can be used to treat multiple conditions, including:

  • to eradicate cavities before a filling
  • to eliminate small fragments of bone after an extraction
  • to properly clean sugar spots from the teeth
  • to prepare a tooth before a crown is added

Why is the Waterlase method better for fillings?

When you get a filling done in the traditional way, the dentist uses a small drill that has a bur on it that breaks away bits of the damaged tooth. Even though this method is effective, the friction from the drill can cause some pain and discomfort for the patient. Plus, it is easy to cause damage to adjacent teeth or the tooth being drilled. Waterlase gives the dentist a gentle and precise way to remove only the damaged parts of the tooth. There is no friction, no heat, and no risks to the surrounding teeth.

Why do patients heal faster after Waterlase treatments?

Waterlase is a gentle and efficient way to perform many common dental procedures. The procedure is non-invasive and is less likely to damage the soft tissues in the mouth than some forms of traditional treatment, such as drilling. Therefore, after a patient has received treatment using Waterlase, there is less discomfort and they can bounce back rather quickly.

Overall, Waterlase dentistry treatment is a valuable component of modern-day dental practice. Reach out to us at the office of Michael J. Tupta for more information about Waterlase and if this is a treatment option we can offer you.