Why Choose Waterlase Over Traditional Dental Treatments

If you dread getting dental work done, you can look to Waterlase for relief from your anxieties. This innovative dental laser allows your Charleston dentist to take a gentler approach to cleanings, fillings, and other treatments. You can then handle all your dental care needs with confidence while enjoying all the following benefits offered by this innovative approach.

Get Pain- and Heat-Free Care

Waterlase eliminates the needs for drills, needles, scalers, and other sharp tools responsible for the pain you may feel while in the dental chair. Furthermore, there’s no vibration or heat, which virtually eliminates discomfort during all types of procedures. The dental laser just does the work without the fanfare all while you rest up for the remainder of your day.

Skip the Need for Anesthesia

Without any pain and discomfort to worry about, you can say goodbye to the need for anesthesia. This is great news for those who are sensitive or allergic to local anesthetics and nitrous oxide. Without the need for anesthesia, you can simply get the dental work done and move on with your day — all without having to wait for the numbness to wear off.

Eliminate the Fear Factor

By taking the needles, drills, and scrapers out of the equation, the fear factor dissipates fast. You can then look forward to getting your dental work out of the way without worry about pain and discomfort. After your first Waterlase visit, you might be surprised at how little anxiety you feel about making your next appointment.

Enjoy Great Results

With Waterlase treatments in Charleston, you’ll walk away from each appointment feeling like you didn’t have any work done. But when you look in the mirror, you’ll see great results as you gaze upon your clean teeth and healthy gums.

If you’d like to enjoy all the benefits of Waterlase, schedule your visit with Michael J. Tupta, DDS, with a call to 304-744-4150. No matter what care you need, we can use our dental laser to complete your treatments from start to finish. So, please feel free to give us a call any time you’d like to talk about how to improve your oral health.